What is Mawida BP?

Mawida BP is a system that provides different features to administrate and manage good practices, allowing organizations to constantly improve their processes in an agile and ordered manner.

Mawida BP allows you to trace all your operations, leaving records of the activities carried out within the system and creating a record of those changes, who made them and when.

This is a system developed under the best programming standards and design patterns, guaranteeing the best resolution for each process and achieving a robust, scalable model.

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Benefits of Using Mawida BP

Integrated Safety

It allows you to create users, generate security reports and administer profiles and privileges.


Integral administration of the work plan. Identification of delays. Accounting of costs.

Integral WorkFlow

It contains an automated agenda, a calculation of the amount of time spent and configurable delay warnings.

Process Integration

It eliminates additional computations in order to obtain an Internal Control rating of the processes and Functional Units.

Remote Use

Full web system, compatible with portable devices.


It allows you to collect preexistent observations and to link improvement opportunities.


It works entirely online, for both auditor and auditee.

Paperwork Digitalization

It generates standardized reports automatically, administering paperwork in a completely digital and efficient manner.

Notification System

Programing notifications for the people responsible of a task contributes to a better compliance of the deadlines.

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